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LTE eNodeB Test Applications

The 4M Wireless LTEST range of LTE eNodeB Test Applications are software products to enable comprehensive eNodeB testing. Currently in use by leading infrastructure vendors, these LTE test tools allow developers to carry out complete LTE protocol verification of the eNodeB by testing against an actual 3GPP compliant user equipment protocol stack linked to the eNodeB. Users can not only test their entire implementation of their eNodeB LTE protocol software but also use the tools to test individual protocol sub-layers.


This unique capability for base station LTE testing is complemented by a powerful analysis tool that allows users to visually monitor and control the test environment. As a result eNodeB development teams can accelerate debugging of their protocol implementation and focus on developing new features and on enhancing their test coverage.

Product range.  

LTEST100 - The LTE eNodeB Software Tester 100 is a product that allows eNodeB developers to test their implementation of the 3GPP LTE protocol stack in a controlled hardware independent environment.

LTEST200 - The LTE eNodeB Software Tester 200 is an extension of the LTEST100 product. It provides real-time operation and gives eNodeB developers the capability to test their 3GPP LTE protocol stack on their target environment.

LTEST Suite Add-ons - A variety of options are available to enhance the capabilities of the LTEST suite. These include the Data Service Generator (DSG) which generates different data traffic models (voice, video etc) and can be used to comprehensively test the user-plane


Product features  
4M Wireless LTE eNodeB Test Applications incorporate the following features:  
3GPP compliant LTE MAC, RLC, PDCP, RRC and NAS operation
Testing at data rates up to 50Mbps uplink and 100Mbps downlink
Variable granularity of message display
Logging and display of MAC data
Visual display of RLC internal states
Scripted control and generation of MAC parameters
Scripted generation of RLC ACKs
Dynamic control of ROHC compressor and decompressor configuration
Simulation of traffic models including FTP, internet and voice
In built data traffic generation to allow testing of the stack without a real traffic source
Scripting of RRC/NAS signalling giving flexibility to emulate any customer scenari
Interactive negative test features
More details  

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